The Helios PFIB is the newest dual-beam FIB system in the EML, and is equipped with a suite of features to make high-throughput FIB operations easier than ever. A state-of-the-art electron column pairs with a number of detectors to ensure excellent imaging across a range of conditions. Low kV mode operations can be performed with incredible accuracy and ease, unlocking a number of applications for non-conductive and beam sensitive materials. The Xe ion beam removes the possibility of Ga contamination of samples, and allows for smaller damage layers in most materials, while much higher beam currents deliver orders-of-magnitude increases in milling speed.  

A new MultiChem gas injection system allows for mixing of gases during depositions, and the EasyLift nanomanipulator offers a straight-forward and integrated solution to lamella and chunk lift-outs. The microscope is equipped with EBSD and EDS systems as well, allowing for rapid collection of 3D datasets. Updated software allows for a new level of process automation, ensuring that users can get maximum data with minimal effort.

Specs, capabilities:

Electron Source: Schottky FEG

  • Landing Voltage: 50V to 30kV
  • 0.7 nm resolution at optimal conditions

Ion Source: Xe ion plasma

  • Landing Voltage: 2kV to 30kV
  • <25 nm resolution at coincident point

Detectors (type):

  • SEM ETD (secondary e-’s)
  • SEM TLD (secondary or backscattered)
  • STEM-III (bright field/dark field transmitted)
  • ICE (secondary electron/ion)
  • EDAX Velocity EBSD camera for (3D)EBSD mapping
  • Edax Octane EDS detector for (3D)EDS mapping

Gas Delivery: MultiChem integrated system

  • Currently C, Pt, W gas units installed
  • Capable of gas mixtures to uniquely tailor depositions

EasyLift nanomanipulator for integrated chunk and lamella lift

NavCam+ for easier sample location/navigation

Vacuum transfer system for processing of samples directly from glovebox environments without exposure to atmosphere


  • Rocking mill feature for easy reduction in curtaining artifacts
  • IFast Developers Kit for automated routines
  • Auto Slice&View and EBS3/EDS3 for automated serial sectioning/chemical mapping
  • AutoTEM for automated preparation of TEM lamellae
  • MAPS for large area imaging/stitching