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  • Join Earth and Environmental Sciences Division

    We are seeking scientists and engineers to solve the nation’s Earth and environmental sciences, energy development and global security challenges.

    Our Vision, Our Values, Our Promise

    To be recognized as an innovative, energetic and safe place to conduct cutting-edge research in environmental and Earth sciences where our leadership, collaboration and innovations are respected and sought after by sponsors, sought after by sponsors, colleagues, future employees and stakeholders.

    We strive to:

    • Communicate clearly with sponsors, program offices and colleagues regarding results and ideas.
    • Identify key gaps in knowledge, facilities and equipment necessary to meet challenges of today and tomorrow, and invest to fill those gaps.
    • Publish our findings when appropriate and participate in discourse with the broad scientific community.
    • Provide mentoring, training and career development opportunities for employees, students and postdoctoral researchers.
    • Promote open communication between management and employees.
    • Value the importance of the breadth of experiences, backgrounds and origins that our employees bring to the division in the challenges we tackle.

    Who We Are

    The Earth and Environmental Sciences Division is the intellectual home of Earth, atmosphere, hydrology and ecology disciplines at the Laboratory. Our three groups:

    • Energy and Natural Resources Security — We develop and apply a range of high-performance computational methods and tools plus perform fundamental research in Earth science projects to securing greenhouse gases, provide cleaner energy and support environmental, ecosystem and waterway health. Our interconnected teams provide transformational solutions.
    • National Security Earth Science — We develop geophysical techniques to probe the solid earth and use near-real-time science to enable actionable decision-making for the national security mission.
    • Climate, Ecosystems, and Environmental Science — We collect high-value data from observation, experiment and analytical measurements to inform process modeling, climate and environmental mitigation and provide resilience strategies to support national security.






    • Haylea Nisbet, Graduate Research Assistant, now Director's Postdoctoral Fellow!

      "I love how dynamic my work is; there is always something to learn and discover. I love the sense of comradery in EES and unique opportunity to collaborate across many disciplines on impactful research. The radionuclide geochemistry team provided me with student positions that enabled me to fast-track to a PhD in geochemistry. Just as the community, cradled on mesas in the forested mountains rather than a barren desert as expected, surprised me, so did the scale and diversity of Lab that not only supports defense but also impactful research in medicine, space science and clean energy, to name a few."

    What We Do

    Multidisciplinary integration strengthens the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division’s multifaceted research and development. We collaborate internationally in government, academia and industry. Our breakthrough experiments and inventions advance the state of science—as well as state of the art—all to bolster national security.

    • Phil Stauffer, Senior Scientist

      "I joined the Lab in 1991 and love working in EES! I am a leader for several projects, including nuclear waste, nonproliferation and carbon sequestration. With modeling, I design experiments that reveal how chemicals move in the earth. I love the cross-cutting nature of LANL projects—diverse skills brought together to answer questions of national interest. There are folks from many backgrounds who work and, importantly, play together! The Lab's work/life balance is really special; it strongly encourages employees to live a full life. I love living in the Jemez Mountains, surrounded by trails, ancient native ruins and wildlife."

    • Sanna Sevanto, Team Leader

      "I’m a physicist with a PhD from Finland and Harvard biology training, with a focus on plant physiology. Finding positions that embrace interdisciplinary science across such different fields was hard. I chose Los Alamos because I wanted to be in an institute that supported using physics methods for studying environmental and biological systems. I lead projects that study plant responses to environmental stress and develop ways to improve plant drought tolerance. I love the exceptional breath of opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, and I get to work in the field, in greenhouses and laboratories—even with accelerators."

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    Explore Your Future

    Where We Live

    The Land of Enchantment offers deserts, forests, and a rich, diverse culture. The historic community of Los Alamos, a few miles from vibrant Santa Fe and nestled in the mountains, attracts people from all over the world and is touted as one of the country’s highest concentration of PhDs. U.S. News ranked Los Alamos “America’s Healthiest Community.” The town nurtures top-notch education in a safe community, and the Lab values work-life balance.

    • Katrina Bennett, Scientist

      "Originally from Canada, I joined the Lab as a postdoc. I am a hydrologist and lead a team studying the Arctic, watersheds, and applying machine learning to climate questions. The research and knowledge depth and breadth at Los Alamos is exciting—your career can evolve in exciting and unexpected ways. The community here is full of people like me who love to work hard, but equally enjoy playing hard. I often commute on my bike—we are surrounded by trails—yet it’s fun to head to nearby Santa Fe for world-class dinners or opera."

    • Phil Blom, Scientist

      "I started at the Lab as a postdoc and now as a staff scientist supporting national security acoustics and geophysics research. I enjoy a lot of things about working at LANL, and the flexible work schedule and family-focused benefits are wonderful. My wife and I enjoy many of the small-town aspects of Los Alamos. She’s a teacher and really likes the school district. My technical colleagues are some of the smartest people in the world and EES management is incredibly helpful and understanding."

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    Ees Work with Us Featured Body   960x500
    EES Division’s Geoscientists United for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (GUIDE) volunteers strive toward scientific excellence and an enterprise that benefits from the breadth of ideas, experiences and knowledge that comes from a diverse workforce. Every unique voice brings something valuable to the conversation. Everyone’s ideas and opinions are welcome. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.