Isr 4 Featured Body   960x500
Los Alamos National Laboratory's Prometheus program developed and launched eight advanced 1.5U cubesats in November 2013.

ISR-4 is composed of electrical engineers and electrical engineering technologists focused on prototyping new technologies and designing one-of-a-kind instruments for satellite-borne detection systems, ground-support equipment, and an array of instruments supporting space science and national security missions.

Focus Areas

Embedded Electronics Design

  • Advanced instrumentation concept development
  • High-speed direct-to-digital signal converters
  • Analog, digital, and radio-frequency (RF) circuit design

Analog Circuit Design for Specialized Detectors

  • Ultra low noise front end electronics
  • X-ray and particle radiation detection instrumentation
  • Antenna design, transmitters, receivers

Digital Signal Processing and Data Collection

  • Software-defined radio design (impulsive signature detection and communications)
  • Remote ultra low light imaging
  • Hyper-spectral imaging

Rad-hard Single Board Computers

  • Rad-hard processor and FPGA based designs
  • Nano-satellites, cube-satellites, small-satellites

Specialty Power Supplies

  • Low Power, High Voltage power supplies for space
  • Multi-output bulk power supply design