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    Engineering Technology and Design Division is home to a diverse group of engineers, technicians, and skilled professionals who partner with leaders around the Lab and the nation to provide expertly crafted engineering solutions to complex problems. We support a variety of programs in stockpile stewardship, global security, nuclear energy, and we also support external organizations that require our skills or specialized equipment.

    We value our people. We are a learning organization that encourages partnering among people and organizations, we continue to learn from others, and we apply what we learn. We have an abundant student pipeline program and are passionate about training the next generation of engineers to support the Weapons Program at LANL. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We provide quality products and services in a way that keeps our employees safe and secure. We promote clear and transparent communication across, within, and outside our organization.

    Our staff have skills and expertise in novel applications and capabilities: 

    • Mechanical hardware design and testing
    • Engineering analysis
    • Computational fluid dynamics simulations
    • High- temperature heat pipe design, fabrication, testing, research, and development
    • Research and development of additive manufacturing applications and technologies
    • Custom automated robotic solutions
    • Specialty process control systems
    • Weapons experimental assembly 
    • Expert handling and storage of hazardous materials – high explosives and radioactive materials
    • Transportation and shipment for high explosives
    • Weapons dismantlement and disposition program
    • Expertise in non-destructive testing and inspection
    • Radiographic testing using various methods and equipment- computed tomography, ultrasonic testing, Eddy current, x-ray fluorescence
    • Weapons system and component testing
    • Experimental structural dynamics
    • Data acquisition and diagnostics
    • Thermal, mechanical, shock and vibration, flight properties testing
    • Mechanical & Thermal Engineering (E-1)

      Mechanical and Thermal Engineering (E-1) partners with programs and innovators to deliver applied mechanical and thermal engineering solutions for LANL’s core national security missions and to a variety of complementary programs. Our mechanical engineers, technologists, technicians, and designers have a passion for solving challenging technical problems.

    • Modern Manufacturing Methodologies (E-2)

      The Modern Manufacturing Methodologies (E-2) group brings together a variety of capabilities to address manufacturing needs and opportunities. E-2 researches and develops innovative advanced manufacturing technologies across LANL.

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    • Experimental Design Engineering & Assembly (E-5)

      Experimental Device Engineering and Assembly (E-5) is LANL’s premier engineering organization, which E-5 is a group of highly skilled and motivated engineers, technicians, and specialists that safely and securely deliver high-quality assemblies that meet our customers’ requirements.

    • Non-Destructive Testing & Analysis (E-6)

      Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (E-6) applies, develops, and researches state-of-the-art methods for inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) in support of LANL’s mission. Some of our areas of research and development include applications for weapons components, accident forensics, materials characterization, and advanced energy systems.

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    • Test Engineering (E-14)

      The Test Engineering (E-14) group supports the Engineering Technology and Design (E) Division with mechanical, structural, explosive, blast, and electrical engineering and fielding. Our work and other defense programs with a variety of testing personnel and facilities capable of fielding tests on everything from material samples to full weapon assemblies.

    • Automation, Robotics, & Controls (E-3)

      Process Automation and Control (E-3) supports mechanical, electrical, and process controls. We design, fabricate, test, install, and process systems in nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

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