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    The Chemistry (C) Division supports the Laboratory’s mission with innovative chemical science and technology for energy research, threat identification and mitigation, weapons science, health, space, and more.

    Our capabilities are essential for emerging mission areas of energy security, civilian-sector R&D, and industrial partnering. 

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    Our researchers support stockpile stewardship, detect chemical and biological threats, produce medical isotopes, and develop energy solutions.

    Our research and development projects span several groups and divisions and involve partnerships with academic and industry partners. Our researchers have skills and expertise in cross-cutting capabilities:

    • Radiochemistry and Nuclear Science
    • Chemical Analysis and Certification
    • Isotope Science and Production
    • Synthetic and Mechanistic Chemistry
    • Spectroscopy and Detection Science
    • Chemistry of Materials
    • Data Analysis & Modelling for Chemical Sciences


    Cels Side   Chemistry   Trace Element Analysis



    Chemistry in Support of Stockpile Stewardship

    Stockpile stewardship is the core mission of the Laboratory. Chemistry Division supports stockpile stewardship with a range of capabilities, including weapons analytical chemistry and compatibility testing and weapons materials and performance. These are cornerstone capabilities for weapons science and a robust plutonium production capability.



    Cels Side   Chemistry   Fluid Characterization



    Chemistry for Mitigating Threats 

    Los Alamos’ history in nuclear science has made us one of the most advanced laboratories in the world for nuclear forensics research and other threat areas. Our scientists work across a wide range of sample sizes and radioactivity levels to provide analytical capabilities for technical nuclear forensics; chemical synthesis and solutions to understand, detect, and mitigate chemical and biological threats; and advanced spectroscopy for remote sensing in the laboratory and in the field.



    Cels Side   Chemistry   Kwan Lee



    Chemistry for Health, Energy, and Space

    Chemistry Division supports a broad range of national security missions.  

    Energy — Energy programs focus on production, storage, and utilization of energy solutions, with development of advanced biofuels, nanoparticles, and chemical solutions for energy applications.

    Health — Health programs support rapid detection of infectious disease, support water and food security, and meet national and global needs for radioisotopes in medical, industrial, and research applications.

    Space — Space programs produce heat sources for NASA and advanced instrumentation for space exploration.



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