What is ACGI?

The advanced computational geosciences initiative (ACGI) is a community of researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) focused on mathematical modeling, simulation, numerical analysis, and other computational aspects from across the geosciences. ACGI is interested in advanced numerical methods for discretization, upscaling, optimization, mesh generation, particle tracking, differential programing, machine learning, data assimilation, software co-design, and high-performance parallel computing. ACGI is committed to fostering communication and collaboration across teams, groups, divisions, and directorates within LANL. ACGI is dedicated to demonstrating to the academic community outside of the laboratory that computational geosciences is a core research topic of interest at LANL. ACGI is devoted to recruiting and mentoring the students and postdocs, which will make up the next generation of computational geoscientists at LANL.

Who is ACGI?

The current membership of ACGI is over 30 researchers from multiple groups, divisions, and directories.