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Bradley Cox, a nuclear engineer specializing in radiation transport analysis, demonstrates a 3-D model, which is one of the tools used in the Advanced Engineering Analysis group, W-13.

The Weapon Systems Engineering Division (W) provides the system engineering and program management necessary to sustain the safety, reliability, and security of the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s assets in the active United States nuclear stockpile — the B61, W76, W78, and W88. The Division generates key certification data for annual assessment supporting the Laboratory Director’s letter to the President on the health of those warheads. This role demands ongoing surveillance of the active stockpile and evaluation of the potential impact of any issues through design, engineering, fabrication, testing using state-of-the-art computational simulation tools and engineering test facilities. The Division works in close liaison with the several production facilities across the nuclear security complex as well as with the customers in the US Navy and Air Force. The Division continually invests to advance the capabilities underpinning its mission in engineering, explosives safety and security.