Process Automation and Control (E-3) is a cross-cutting service organization that solves problems in the fields of robotic systems, mechanical and electrical design, automation and control systems, and data acquisition for Laboratory customers. E-3 works with customers at every point of the product lifecycle process[FNJ1] [GHR2] , from product conception to design and development, to product deployment, and finally through ongoing support of end users.

E-3 Capabilities

  • Creating instrumentation and control systems
  • Creating robotic manipulators and automation
  • Processing plutonium automation and control systems
  • Creating custom mobile robotics
  • Designing and fabricating electrical hardware
  • Acquiring and processing data
  • Beamline positioning and control
  • Developing National Instruments and LabVIEW systems
  • Designing and developing Rockwell Automation systems

E-3 is the host of the Robotics and Automation Summer School (RASS), a 10-week program developed in partnership with the LANL Engineering Institute to connect skilled undergraduate students with experienced mentors. In one summer, students work with mentors to design, develop, and deploy a robotics-and-control-systems-related project with a strong alignment to the overall LANL mission.